Tom Cruise Stars in a Rare Love Scene in Top Gun: Maverick

MOVIE NEWS – Top Gun became a cult film 36 years ago with its stunning aerial footage, but it was boosted by Tom Cruise’s famous half-uniform volleyball scene and the pilots’ male cockfight in the locker room.


It also had no shortage of romance, with Kelly McGillis leading the romantic thread, a role now inherited by Jennifer Connelly in Top Gun: Maverick: a single mother raising her child and running a bar on the airbase. The actress had to master the art of tapping, because what kind of barman spills beer?

Connelly says of the obligatory love scene that it’s pretty low-key. – It’s mostly an introductory, playful bed scene with a lot of humour, and it highlights how my character is a positive person and how she’s on her way to happiness.

Since Connelly’s character is not a pilot, he has no flying scene, he is put in danger when they speed through the choppy sea in a scooter speedboat. The actress practised this by standing up on the table at home, her children jumping around and splashing her with water, while she said her lines. The scene was filmed on video, they had so much fun.

(Tom Gun: Maverick – home release: 26 May 2022)

Source: UIP Dunafilm

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