Can The Last Of Us 3 Be In The Works?! Hinted In Senior Circles…

The latest news is more about a possible remake of the first part of The Last of Us than a new story.



Now, isn’t Kojima’s, but PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst’s latest social media post is making The Last of Us fans’ world tizzy. It could be a trailer for a video game, at least that’s what some users on Twitter think, and they didn’t hesitate to spot a snippet.

The video, posted by the Guerrilla Games veteran, shows the door of an elevator opening…

…which has been wallpapered with Ghost of Tsushima promotional material to make way for a corridor presided over by a poster for The Last of Us. So far, so good. The problem comes when the number three appears on the floor plan, showing this floor, but its appearance in this situation seems suspicious to some: already they are talking about The Last of Us: Part 3.

There is no other clue in the picture, at least not that we can see, but the speculation comes at a time when the signs are pointing more towards a remake of the first part than towards the development of a third game set in this post-apocalyptic world.

However, Naughty Dog reported earlier this year that it was working on at least three games – will TLoU 3 be one of them?

Going back to Hulst’s ‘back to the office’ message, it may also foreshadow other news for the series, such as the long-awaited arrival of multiplayer. Either way, we’ll have to wait for upcoming events and interviews to unravel more mysteries about the forthcoming developments from the in-house team at PlayStation.

Source: Twitter

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