Violent Night: Watch out for Santa’s coming!

CINEMA NEWS – A mercenary team takes a wealthy family hostage to their property, but they don’t expect anything: it’s December 6th, so Santa is on schedule to knock, and after he noticed what the situation was, killing everyone in line who was suspected of a crime.


At the CinemaCon festival, where it was unveiled, Violent Night was briefly described as Add Your Life Honey! his distant relative aggravated by percussive comedy elements and a grumpy Santa. The audience talked about the birth of a new cult film, which is no wonder since Tommy Wirkola from Norway is the director. Thanks to him, the Nazi Zombies piece, which has now become a cult (the title speaks for itself). He also reworded Jancsi and Juliska’s tale ( Witch Hunters ), in which the two fairy-tale heroes, now as adults, kill a bunch on the broomstick with a series of crossbows.

( Violent Night – Home Show: December 1, 2022 )

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