Diablo Immortal: It Costs A Ridiculous Amount Of Money To Max Out A Character!

The newest game in the Diablo series would require you to pay a staggering amount if you wish to use only microtransactions.


Diablo Immortal is now available (it was probably released for PC alongside Android and iOS because when it was announced at BlizzCon a few years ago, everyone was outraged after the “don’t you guys have phones?” comment on stage; you can read our review here), and it’s not cheap to max out your character with just microtransactions.

Legendary gems, the highest category of the game’s premium currency, are meant to be used to upgrade your character in Diablo Immortal’s post-game phase. These are only given to those PAYING for them, as they will not be available in normal gameplay. You can get them from loot boxes… And this Bellular News video analysed the situation: according to their calculations, maxing out a character would cost $110,000 worth of gems.

On Reddit, we can read that this calculation even underestimates the cost, so you would have to pay a lot more than that since there is a whole level of progression option that only opens up when your five-star gems reach rank 10. That could be up to $40,000… Once it is done, we can see the resonating boards, which are for a long time only visible and not usable; they pop up in the preview images, and it may suggest that this process needs to be repeated, which could cost thousands of dollars more for a player who is already overspending.

Diablo Immortal is currently in open beta on PC, iOS and Android, so if you have to pour such staggering amounts of money into the game already to get ‘100%’, we dread to think what dirty, disgusting microtransaction traps could be set around the franchise. After all, we can fully understand why the game was banned in the Netherlands and Belgium due to strict loot box regulations…

Source: VGC

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