PlayStation Plus: No Significant Long-Term Upgrade Fees?

Those who want to stack PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscriptions will pay a lower cost than before if they’re going to upgrade their subscription.


PlayStation Plus Essential is currently the lowest subscription tier in Asia and Japan (America and Europe have not yet switched to the three-tier model). You can upgrade your subscription, but there will be a cost. The catch is that it has to be paid in one lump sum, so as long as your subscription is active, Sony will charge you for that period, so if you had years of accumulation, the resulting bill could be pretty steep.

However, it seems to have been too much for Sony: the ResetEra forum has two examples of people who have subscribed to PlayStation Plus Essential in Japan over several years. One player had accumulated his subscription until July 2027 and would have cost nearly $200 to upgrade to Premium, and the cost of Extra would have been $135. We don’t know the exact cost of the other player, but we do know how long his subscription lasts: it will be active until April 30, 2034, nearly 12 years from now.

Sony, however, has limited the cost of upgrading the subscription for both of them. Anyone upgrading to PlayStation Plus Premium will have to pay a maximum of 12,750 Japanese yen, while anyone upgrading to Extra will pay a maximum of 8,600 yen. In USD, it equates to a maximum of 96, or around 65, so it’s not a vast amount to pay.

Sony’s customer service in Japan confirmed to one inquiry that the price limit had been set at JPY 12750. Still, it has not yet been reflected on PlayStation’s official website, nor has the company itself shared a statement to that effect. We can, however, rightly expect them to introduce a fair price ceiling in North America and then in Europe and not to make exceptions.

Source: PSL

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