The Team Behind Alien: Isolation Is Working On A New Sci-Fi FPS

Creative Assembly may finally be doing what we’ve been waiting for nearly eight years (an Alien: Isolation sequel), but is it worth being overly optimistic?


Creative Assembly is working on a new game they’ve described as an as-yet-unnamed sci-fi FPS. This is the studio behind Alien: Isolation, but they may be better known for the Total War series. The team has been working on a new IP for the last four years, and we may have last heard from them in November 2020, when publisher SEGA said that Creative Assembly was not working on a direct sequel to Alien: Isolation but confirmed that they were working on a first-person shooter.

GamesRadar reported what we read in the latest EDGE magazine, where Creative Assembly talked about their next game. Studio director Gareth Edmonson and creative director Alistair Hope mainly were tight-lipped about the project. Still, Hope said they were aiming for authenticity with the game and needed to understand the source material they were working with.

Rob Bartholomew, Creative Assembly’s senior product manager, added, “It’s our new IP, and it’s a world that we’re creating, and of course, we’re wringing our hands over it, and we want to get that right. We want to understand what authenticity in a blue ocean or an open sky looks like when you’ve got a blank page in front of you.”

During Summer Game Fest 2022, we saw more sci-fi games. Aliens: Dark Descent looked like a twin-stick shooter (i.e. a shooter using two analogue sticks on the controller); The Callisto Protocol felt like a spiritual sequel to Dead Space; Fort Solis was a leaked sci-fi thriller with Troy Baker and Roger Clark… but there was also Routine, an android (we’re not talking about Google’s mobile operating system) adventure game set on an abandoned moon base.

It will be hard to stand out among these.

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