Halo Infinite Campaign DLC May Be On The Way – But When Will It Arrive? [VIDEO]

A leaker claims that 343 Industries is working on DLC for the Halo Infinite campaign, but unfortunately, it looks like we’ll have to wait a while longer.



Post-launch support for Halo Infinite has sparked considerable controversy among fans of the Halo franchise. The game was launched as a “10-years” product, so expectations were similar to other similar titles such as Fortnite, Apex Legends and League of Legends. Expectations were understandably not met. One area of particular excitement was the campaign DLC that expanded the story of Halo Infinite. While no official announcement has been made regarding this yet, a leaker claims to have good news about Halo Infinite’s future campaign DLC.

YouTuber Sean W recently shared a video in which he claims an anonymous source shared surprising details about Halo Infinite’s future campaign DLC.

To start with, the leaker claims that the campaign DLC is already in the works. However, development may not be progressing as Halo fans expected or as 343 had planned initially.

The leaker claims that 343 Industries is working on DLC for the Halo Infinite story, but the decision is surprisingly recent. While no timeframe was specified, the leaker says there was a period when 343 suspended work on the story DLC. While this has now changed, it obviously takes a significant amount of time to complete the development of an addition of this nature.

According to the leaker, it is unlikely to arrive before 2025 – but it could even be later.

The leaker also shared some details about the Halo Infinite campaign DLC. They say that the DLC’s campaign will be the same size as what’s currently available in the game so that it will be significant. The campaign will focus on battling the Infinite in a world called “varied”. A leaked trademark in late 2021 did hint that 343 was working on something related to Endless, though it’s unclear if the two leaks are related.

Obviously, there is no way of knowing whether Sean W’s information is reliable or not.

This whole leak could be made up, and it could be years before official information is available to confirm it. However, there is nothing in it that necessarily raises suspicion. It’s entirely possible that it was always 343’s plan to release a massive campaign DLC when it could have otherwise released a sequel.

Considering the state of Halo Infinite, 343 and Xbox’s plans may change by 2025. It could be that the DLC becomes a standalone game or a sequel to Infinite, but it could also be that plans change more dramatically for Halo. At this point, it’s hard to speculate anything about Halo’s future, but fans have a glimmer of hope that 343 is still planning campaign DLC sometime in the dim future…

Source: YouTube

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