John Cena Always Gets What He Wants – Especially If That Is A New Metroid Game From Nintendo…

A recent report reveals that John Cena once requested a new 2D Metroid game from Nintendo, which resulted in him being sent Metroid Dread at launch.



Interestingly, John Cena has a known connection with Nintendo – he’s been featured in several Nintendo Switch commercials. He also seems to be a big Metroid fan, as he received Metroid Dread as a gift from Big N at launch.

In 2017, Cena appeared in several Switch commercials, at events, and more.

According to Giant Bomb’s creative director Dan Ryckert, Cena didn’t just appear like a face. While filming one particular commercial, he reportedly asked Nintendo for a brand new 2D Metroid game. Many fans echoed those sentiments, even if they didn’t know John Cena shared them, and those requests were answered with Metroid Dread 2021.

When it was released, four years after Cena’s time and request in commercials, Nintendo reportedly sent the pro wrestler a free copy of Metroid Dread. John Cena’s team also allegedly responded that “John loves it”. Indeed, Metroid Dread received excellent reviews and sold well, and it is arguably one of the best 2D games in the series. This report was confirmed by Nintendo Minute co-host Krysta Yang, who was present on set and said that John Cena is indeed a big Metroid fan.

Since its release, Metroid Dread has added two new difficulty modes and a new Boss Rush mode.

More is possible, but ultimately it seems like the franchise is preparing for its future. The story of Metroid Prime 4’s development isn’t exactly heartwarming, but fans can finally get their hands on it sometime in the next few years. In fact, there are rumours that a Metroid Prime Remastered will be released sometime this year.

All in all, Metroid Dread could be a step in the right direction for Samus, but as Nintendo continues to push forward with 3D games, he can’t forget that many fans, like John Cena, also love 2D games.

Source: GoNintendo, NintendoLife

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