Sony’s Latest Patent Made Our Jaws Drop!

TECH NEWS – Sony recently patented a unique system that would allow streamers to get some form of gameplay assistance from viewers.



Sony has been very innovative lately: in recent weeks and months, they’ve filed a whole series of unique patent specimens, and while most of these are relatively uninteresting to the average gamer, others have the potential to make waves.

One of these potentially prospective Sony patents was recently filed and referred to a unique feature that would allow streamers and their viewers to interact within the game they are playing or watching. Called “Helper Mode,” it would essentially allow viewers to help players in real-time, according to the entry in question.

According to the patent description, Sony’s “Helper Mode” idea would support several unique implementations that would seemingly vary from game to game.

In some cases, this would mean drawing some metadata from the game, while in other cases, it would rely on custom tools provided by developers to correlate streamers and viewers, possibly using a cloud-based gaming solution. This list could even be linked to Sony’s player-interaction tracking patent, intended to address harassment and abuse in real-time.



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It’s worth pointing out that Sony is trying to make serious strides in advancing the technology, but without making it too complicated for casual gamers to interact with its cutting-edge releases. In fact, the company has recently patented a hardware feature explainer that could significantly improve the way gamers get to grips with new gaming hardware. Better yet, it could open the industry even wider to gamers who previously had no opportunity to learn about the various gaming tropes that are now relevant.

Of course, not every modern Sony patent represents a meaningful step forward for the industry.

For example, the company recently published a patent for the PS5 front panel, which was nothing more than a simple and sensible way for the company to stop copycats. Moreover, it remains to be seen whether anything will come of Sony’s latest patent listings. Even at best, it could be months or years before the first developments are released to the broader public, so it’s too early to pour the champagne to celebrate the technological bonanza.

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