Will Bungie Games Be PlayStation-Exclusive After Acquisition?

Following the PlayStation acquisition, Bungie reiterates that Destiny 2 and other major games will remain multiplatform for all players to enjoy.



As we reported yesterday, PlayStation – or Sony Interactive Entertainment – has completed its acquisition of Bungie, which was worth roughly $3.6 billion. The purchase has left many fans wondering about the future of Destiny 2 and other Bungie titles, as the company will now operate under the PlayStation umbrella. Excited about the company’s future, Bungie further detailed the status of Destiny 2.

Via Bungie’s official Twitter account, the company announced that Destiny 2 and other major games would remain multiplatform following the Sony acquisition.

Bungie was quick to dispel any concerns about the future of Destiny 2, stating that the company will continue to be where our community is, wherever they choose to play. In addition, Bungie will continue to publish and develop games like Destiny 2 independently. The company wants to lead a “single, unified Bungie community” with the support of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Bungie reiterates its positive stance on multiplatform releases, and the acquisition by Sony will encourage the company to add more talented developers to its ranks. After the purchase closed, Bungie said that “the most immediate change you’ll see is an acceleration of talent hiring across the studio to support our ambitious vision”. The company is currently hiring across all disciplines for Destiny 2 and future titles on the horizon.

The current state of Bungie Studios is encouraging for many Destiny 2 players.

The popular online title will receive new expansions, updates and content across all supported platforms in the coming years. Bungie is now backed by Sony under the PlayStation umbrella while retaining creative freedom to develop the content it knows best. The acquisition will also allow Bungie to expand its development capabilities with new projects in the future.

The acquisition does not appear to have any downside for Bungie as a whole for the time being. However, Sony is expected to make further acquisitions in the coming years as the company looks at live-action games and PC ports. Future purchases could see studios create exclusive content under the PlayStation Studios umbrella.

Source: Bungie

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