Discord May Have Leaked the Next Monster Hunter Game

Sources have revealed that Discord hints at a brand new, unannounced Monster Hunter game, which some believe could be a franchise spin-off.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak was released just a few weeks ago to critical acclaim, and while the expansion pack itself delivered a massive amount of new content for the latest mainline Monster Hunter game, Capcom has already mentioned that a full post-release pack with even more content is planned for the future. However, this may not be the only new franchise Capcom has in store for its fans.

While scanning Discord data files, users have discovered strange references to an unannounced and unknown Monster Hunter game. The app contains several notable mentions of Monster Hunter: Paradise that have now come to light, leaving the community confused about what this mysterious project could be.

This apparent leak was first mentioned by Twitter user Naga the Bileygr, who claims that the information he discovered about Monster Hunter: Paradise is not only easily reproducible but has also been confirmed by an official Discord partner, confirming the veracity of the new revelations. It’s worth pointing out, of course, that since Capcom announced the post-release content for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, it’s unlikely that Paradise, if confirmed, would be coming to fruition anytime soon.

Beyond the exciting question of whether Monster Hunter: Paradise even exists, there’s also the question of what role it plays in the larger Monster Hunter franchise. After all, this IP has been home to several different spin-offs, not the least of which is the monster-taming Monster Hunter Stories 2 title. Capcom seems to have every intention of keeping MH: Rise and its major add-on Sunbreak relevant for some time to come, so the hypothetical MH: Paradise is unlikely to be a mainstream ‘Monster Hunter 6’ game.

If Paradise exists, Capcom will likely use it as a platform for some exciting new feature. For example, Sunbreak’s rideable Palamute kopi have added a whole new pet/companion dynamic to the game, which significantly impacts the replayability and longevity of the game. Of course, the extent of one of these features will depend on whether MH: Paradise becomes a side project or a mainline entry. It’s worth highlighting.

Most people consider Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to be one of the best DLCs on the market, so thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long for Capcom to confirm or deny a Monster Hunter: Paradise title. If Paradise eventually materialises, it probably won’t happen before Sunbreak has had its time in the limelight. The community has a lot of content to sift through in the meantime.

Source : Gamerant

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