Amazon Pulls Off A Royal Mix-Up! Are The Sellers Cheating?

TECH NEWS – In one case, Jeff Bezos’ company didn’t send out the right video card, but in another, it’s more in the incomprehensible category.


Amazon Prime Day is a day where you can buy products from Amazon at a significant discount in many cases. It’s technically similar to Black Friday, another time of the year where retailers expect a more vast interest from customers.

Brazilian Mauricio Takeda posted a TikTok video about how he ordered an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti video card (made by Palit). Still, he got some sand and a pile of SAND. That is quite expensive: he paid 14,500 reals, which is $2600, although the import and customs costs in that area added quite a lot to the price. And Takeda contacted Amazon’s customer service in vain because they didn’t offer help. He took it to court, which made the newspapers’ front page, and that’s when Amazon started to pay attention to him. As he had video footage of opening the package, he had clear, unadulterated evidence of the contents.

The other person who got shafted was Patrick J Kennedy of ServerTheHome, who revealed on Twitter that he had ordered a new EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 from Amazon. He wasn’t as fooled as Takeda, but he didn’t get what he expected either: the box of the graphics card was what he expected (it was tampered with, as he didn’t receive it intact…), but he ended up with a lower-performing and, by definition, cheaper RTX 3070.

In both cases, the seller could have tricked the two buyers. They often resort to this kind of trick to get cash because it’s not always the case that the consumer receives their refund. In the meantime, the fake seller may be off the site, so the most Amazon can do is compensate the cheated customer out of its pocket (they have money to spare…).

Source: WCCFTech

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