You Don’t Think God Of War, Ehm, “Inspired” This Game…?

Okay, it does look a bit like God of War here and there, but that’s obviously just a coincidence.



Today’s ten million dollar question: how did this God of War knock-off end up on the Xbox Store? Maybe Microsoft’s lawyers are too busy being overwhelmed by Activision Blizzard’s nearly $70 billion acquisition to notice? In any case, the War Gods Zeus of Child, developed by a company called Dolaka Ltd – no website could be found – is plagiarism at its best: the studio didn’t even try to hide the fact that it had practically copied Kratos’ character model.

The game appears to be a full-fledged release, PEGI-rated and all – although we found no reference to this on the official website of the rating body.

So we assume it’s actually part of the Xbox Creators Collection, a section of Microsoft’s store reserved for apps that don’t necessarily require the company’s full approval. We suppose it could be likened to, say, a Dreams homage – although it’s being sold for real money and is labelled no differently to the rest of the Xbox Store. Strange.

However, based on some footage of this title from, I doubt Sony will be too outraged: yes, it technically infringes on the platform holder’s property, but is it really causing any harm? After all, God of War: Ragnarok arrives in about three months, and – it’s not sure, of course, but – we have a feeling it will completely eclipse War Gods Zeus of Child.

However, it is a fun reminder of the challenges all platform holders face when it comes to controlling their stores.

Nevertheless, Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently mentioned that Santa Monica Studio’s new God of War title is his most anticipated game – well, it looks like he’s got something to keep himself busy until November now!

Source: EuroGamer,

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