Moon Knight: Will There be a Second Season After All? It’s Unofficial, But More Than Suspicious!

MOVIE NEWS – On Tiktok, to a fan’s question, Mohamed Diab and especially Oscar Isaac jokingly hinted that the 2nd season of Moon Knight is coming after all!


After the big cliffhanger at the end of the first season of Marvel’s Moon Knight series, it looked like Marc Spector/Stephen Grant (Oscar Isaac) would be returning to TV screens. The introduction of the main character’s new alter ego opened up many opportunities to continue the story and potentially tie into the wider MCU. Fortunately for fans of the series, it looks like there will be a second outing for the character. Although not officially confirmed, Isaac appeared on Mohammed Diab’s TikTok, heavily hinting at a second season being made via Disney+.

Taking to TikTok, the pair wonder if Moon Knight will get a second season, to which Isaac responds:

“Why else would we be in Cairo?”

Diab also shared TikTok on Twitter, seemingly doubling down on the idea. If it is true that the series is coming back, it goes against everything that has been suggested outside of the series’ universe. For one thing, Variety’s article noted that Isaac doesn’t have a long-term contract to continue appearing in the MCU, meaning a new contract would be needed, possibly with a raise after the series’ rave reviews since its debut. He never guaranteed that Isaac wouldn’t return, but he strongly hinted that he wasn’t meant to be a permanent character within the MCU.

Everything that has been hinted at for the future within Marvel’s timeline so far seems to focus specifically on series revolving around characters appearing in the MCU. In addition, the series never received the same attention from Disney as the previous series, such as WandaVision and Loki. It’s entirely possible that a new season could fit somewhere in one of the empty spots in the MCU’s upcoming Phase 6 timeline, moving the Moon Knight toward joining the larger MCU.

Moon Knight ended in May and followed Marc Spector/Stephen Grant, two very different alter egos drawn into a wider mystery involving the gods of Egypt. The series stars May Calamawy, Layla El-Faouly, aka the Scarlet Scarab. Despite featuring a familiar superhero on screen, the series was well-received, reaching 91% ratings. Unlike other Marvel properties, Disney+ took their catalogue of superhero series to new levels of intrigue and grit, all with Isaac’s powerful portrayal that captured the distinct differences between Marc and Stephen.

There’s currently no confirmation from Disney that this will happen. Still, in the video below, you can see Isaac seemingly confirm that he’ll be returning to Cairo to take up the Moon Knight mantle again:

@hayaaattiaaa Since y’all have been asking #oscarisaac #mohameddiab #moonknight ♬ original sound – haya

Do you think he was fooling around, or will there be a second season? Write it in the comments!

Source: Collider

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