Lethal Honor: Order of The Apocalypse: A Hack-And-Slash Roguelite for PC and Older Consoles! [VIDEO]

Publisher HandyGames and Spanish developer Viral Studios have announced Lethal Honor: Order of the Apocalypse, a hack-and-slash roguelite game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC (Steam). No release date has been announced.


Here’s an overview of the game, based on press material from HandyGames:


“Slay hordes of nightmarish creatures in relentless isometric melee combat with an art style reminiscent of the dark era of adult superhero graphic novels in the 1980s. In a shadowy and beleaguered post-apocalyptic world, you play with different characters to unfold a complex story. With countless abilities, dozens of fighting styles and numerous secondary mechanics, each round is like a new issue of a comic book series!

“Life is short, death is final.”

Lethal Honor’s development model is a reimagining of the roguelite. Selected comic book panels are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay to structure paths that progress through procedural runs. With each run and each death, you move closer to awakening one of the main characters, each with their own story. Kill or be killed, run or be run over, give in return, but never give up!

Get ready to discover the truth! Welcome to Lethal Honor: Order of the Apocalypse!


Key features:


– Brutal isometric hack-and-slay rogue-lite gameplay.

– Roughly hand-drawn dark-age graphic novel art style combined with 3D scenarios: FACE THE SCENAR!

– Multiple different biomes and protagonists with their own story, abilities and play style.

– A mature, dark and complex story.

– Procedural content.


Watch the announcement trailer here:

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