Blizzard’s Mysterious New Game Is Leaking – Will Crafting Be The Focus? [VIDEO]

Developer Blizzard has not yet revealed much information about the title, which is said to be a triple-A survival game.



Shortly after Microsoft unexpectedly acquired Activision Blizzard, the developer of games such as Diablo and Overwatch unveiled its next project: a triple-A survival adventure, which, although it didn’t reveal many details, managed to excite Blizzard fans with a concept artwork that takes them into an imaginative world.

The title’s aesthetic feels like a mix of Everwild and Fable Legends.

Blizzard has not shared any further information about the new game, which will be the developer’s debut IP. However, Windows Central’s insider journalist Jez Corden shared some of the title’s features based on a recent version we saw. Speaking on the Xbox Two podcast (via Gaming Bolt), Corden said that his impressions were based on an early version, and as such, it may look very different today than he remembers.

However, he says that the overall aesthetic is “sort of alchemy, almost steampunk”, which seems to draw from environments like those seen in Everwild or Fable Legends.

In addition, Corden says the game is codenamed “Odyssey” and features a survival system reminiscent of ARK: Survival Evolved.

This will be coupled with mechanics such as brewing and selling potions to other players, which will enhance the need to survive in different ways. Although this suggests an MMO premise, the insider believes Blizzard’s game would not follow this line.

So when is this mystery game coming? Corden can’t answer that question, noting that he has “no idea when it’s going to come out” or “when they’re going to debut it.” As such, we’ll be keeping an eye on Blizzard’s releases around the new IP, though the developer is also preparing for the free-to-play Overwatch 2, due out on October 4, and Diablo IV, whose seasonal system we recently revealed.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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