Gravity Rush: Ridley Scott’s Production Company Wants To Film The PlayStation Classic?!

MOVIE NEWS – Gravity Rush, the gravity-defying adventure, is the latest video game IP that Sony Pictures wants to make into a movie.



The case of Gravity Rush isn’t unique: in May 2019, Sony Pictures announced the creation of the PlayStation Productions label, a statement of intent from the Hollywood major to bring some of its video game division’s franchises to the small screen and the big screen. Uncharted has since hit cinemas, and The Last of Us is coming soon to HBO, but the company has other IPs in its sights.

Most recently, the development of a Gravity Rush movie has been mooted. The video game seems to have been forgotten by PlayStation Studios of late, even more so after the studio changes in Japan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s little desire on the part of Sony Pictures to make a feature film of “the gravity-defying adventure” shortly.

However, according to the leading film portal Deadline, Sony Pictures is working with Scott Free Productions (founded by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott in 1980) to turn the video game starring Kat, an amnesiac girl with the ability to manipulate gravity, into a movie.

The project is well underway, with reports that Anna Mastro (Secret Society of Second-Born Royals) and Emily Jerome have signed on to direct and write the screenplay. No further details are known at this time, but Deadline reports that Sony Pictures will not have to distribute the film, which means it could go directly to a streaming service, but no more is known now.

The original Gravity Rush was released for PS Vita, followed by a remastered version called Gravity Rush Remastered for PS4, and a second instalment in 2017. Who knows if the movie’s development and its eventual success will encourage PlayStation to continue the IP?

PlayStation Productions’ interest in a Days Gone movie was also recently shared by Deadline – a lead actor and screenwriter have already been spotted here.

Source: Deadline

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