One Of The Destiny 2 SFX In Its New Raid Is Incredibly Loud! [VIDEO]

The sudden scare (or jumpscare, if you prefer) is more suited to survival psychological horror games than Bungie’s product…


So Destiny 2 got a new raid. It’s not an easy task either, so it’s no wonder we might die fighting Golgoroth in King’s Fall, for example. That’s when the unexpected scare happens: a loud sound effect that could cause hearing loss. According to the poster of the video embedded from Reddit, eleven hours into the first day of King’s Fall, he was woken up pretty quickly by the shocking volume of the noise. (No wonder: you could probably hear it downstairs with an open window in, say, a 4-storey building if you played it from a speaker…)

The impact is shocking in the second embedded video (it’s taken from Twitter). In the third video, the person is holding his chest after the sound effect, so it’s adrenaline and nervous system rush due to the volume of the exaggerated sound effect, which, luckily for us, Bungie is aware of, so Destiny 2 won’t have this scary noise for long…

Bungie suggests that until they fix the bug, it’s a good idea to lower the game volume while fighting Golgoroth (and if you’re playing in a team, it might be a good idea to communicate with others on Discord while you’re doing it, so that reducing the game volume won’t be as much of a problem). While this is a bug, it’s not as big as when Bungie forced everyone to disable their grenade launchers (as there have been problems with that before).

With the launch of Season of Plunder, Bungie has set the path for the future. Next year’s Lightfall add-on will take us to a partially untouched cyberpunk city on Neptune, a Strand spiderman character type with psychic abilities will be added, and there will be other weapon and equipment additions to the game, which will, hopefully, no longer have such mindlessly loud SFX by then.

We do wonder how this bug got through the testing sieve…? After all, it is not a one-off example, as many others have experienced it.

Source: PCGamer

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