PlayStation Has Announced State Of Play’s Date In September!

Sony has officially announced the long-rumoured PlayStation State of Play for September 2022, confirming a premiere date and time.



PlayStation has finally announced that the long-rumoured State of Play will take place on Tuesday, 13 September at 3 pm Pacific Time (PT) (that’s midnight tonight for CEST…). PlayStation has been rumoured to be holding a State of Play event in September for some time now, with various insiders claiming that it will take place this month. Now fans have official confirmation, and not only do they know when to tune in, but they have a little bit of what to expect.

The September 2022 State of Play will feature PS 5, PS 4 and PS VR2 games.

Sony is keeping quiet about what other games might be at the event, but it does set the expectation. PlayStation fans tuning in to the State of Play in September 2022 can expect the programme to focus on big upcoming titles for all of the company’s currently supported platforms.

As for PS VR2, it’s safe to say that the State of Play will showcase the previously announced big virtual reality titles coming to the new headset, such as Horizon Call of the Mountain. There may be a few other VR surprises in the store. Perhaps Sony will finally announce pricing and release date information for the PS VR2 headset, but that might be too much to ask when the device isn’t due until next year at the earliest.

Regarding traditional consoles, we can guess God of War Ragnarok is a surefire hit at the State of Play, as it’s the company’s most significant release this holiday season. There’s a lot of hype around God of War Ragnarok, and its presence would ensure that the September 2022 State of Play is a show to remember. Of course, it’s also possible that Sony Santa Monica would prefer to keep God of War Ragnarok as secretive as possible in the weeks leading up to its 9 November release.

A slightly more distant title that may (or may not) turn up at the State of Play in September 2022 is Insomniac Games’ highly anticipated Spider-Man 2.

Insiders have promised that gameplay for Spider-Man 2 will be unveiled soon, and if true, State of Play seems like the perfect time to show off the next game.

Ultimately, PlayStation fans can only speculate about what the State of Play in September 2022 has in store for them until they tune in on 13 September at 3 pm PT (or, yes, midnight) to see it for themselves.

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