[SOP] Like A Dragon: Ishin! – New Yakuza Game Set In The Past; Here’s The Trailer! [VIDEO]

Like a Dragon: Ishin!, the original Yakuza (Ryu ga Gotoku) remake will arrive in 2023 and take us back to 1860s Japan.



PlayStation State of Play has some interesting announcements to make, as Like a Dragon: Ishin!, like the recently announced Rise of the Ronin, will set players free to bring order – or a new order – to the Land of the Rising Sun: feudal Japan, during the final hours of the Edo era.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! will be released in February 2023 for PC and consoles.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! is set in 1860s Kyo (a fictionalised version of Kyoto), in a constant battle where the protagonist sets out to change Japan’s history forever. We must join the revolution with our swordsmanship in an intense historical adventure that seeks to captivate us with fast-paced combat. Our protagonist is Sakamoto Ryom, a hero turned historical figure.

The title is being developed by Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, published by SEGA, and will arrive in February 2023. It will be developed with Unreal Engine 4, “bringing stunning graphical quality” for the first time in its history. According to the PlayStation blog, this will unleash new textures and other graphical details that will make for a fantastic story.





The game’s graphics engine is Unreal Engine 4.

In Like a Dragon: Ishin!, you can try out different fighting styles with impressive action. You can slash enemies with a deadly blade while using swordsman or gunslinger style. You can even go on a rampage with the Wild Dancer style, cracking bones and breaking skulls.

The game also features summoning. In this case, the animal to keep you company can be a tiger to tear your foe apart. There will also be various mini-games, but no further details have been given.

All we know is that Like a Dragon: Ishin! will be coming to PC, PlayStation and Xbox in February 2023.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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