The Last Of Us Part I: Patch Is Out; Charming FF7 Easter Egg’s Been Found!

Final Fantasy fans have discovered a charming Easter egg in The Last of Us Part I, depicting a refreshing scene with Cloud and Tifa from Final Fantasy 7.



Players of The Last of Us Part I recently discovered a charming easter egg commemorating a lovely moment with Cloud and Tifa from Final Fantasy 7. Square Enix was releasing the Final Fantasy 7 Remake in 2020, so this easter egg is a cute nod from one PS5 remake to another.

Twitter user hugo_artist and Reddit user PrincessSaba were the ones who spotted this Easter egg in The Last of Us Part I. The latter posted screenshots of the tribute on the Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake subreddits.

The Easter egg in question appears in the form of a poster on the wall of a dorm room in Chapter 8 of The Last of Us Part I.

On the second floor, after the bunk bed, in room 200, players will find two posters on the wall, neither of which were featured in the original version of The Last of Us. The larger of the two posters is faded and soaked, with one character’s face scratched out. However, players can still distinguish two characters sitting under the starry sky. A closer look reveals the pair resembles Could and Tifa from Final Fantasy 7, with Tifa resting her head on Cloud’s shoulder.





The poster depicts a scene near the end of Final Fantasy 7, where Tifa and Cloud spend a quiet moment under the stars. It also features a Japanese string over the Japanese and English word “Stargazer”. Unfortunately, the minor first character sequence has faded too much for fans to make out. A user on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake subreddit also pointed out that the hotel where Cloud and Tifa stay during Final Fantasy 7 is called “Stargazer Heights”, which hints at another layer.

The second, smaller poster is a bit more mysterious.

It shows a large tree with the title “Tree of the Sun” written in Japanese letters. The same words appear in English under the headline. It is unclear whether this is a reference to another game or just a fictional JRPG that exists in the Last of Us universe. However, given the smaller size of the poster and the general name and graphics, the latter seems more likely.


Patch 1.02 has arrived


According to the developers’ website, patch 1.02 is now available. It fixes issues with level geometry and photo mode, adjusting the fidelity mode setting to target 30 fps and removing the VRR requirement when it comes to unlocked frame rates in fidelity mode. The performance and fidelity mode descriptions have also been updated to reflect better what these settings entail for easier understanding, and a sound mixing and lighting issue that would occur in the last chapter has been fixed.





Minor fixes related to this update include an optional conversation in the Pittsburgh Financial Plaza that did not work.

Also fixed were issues with water splash FX, text in the main menu, and screen readers; an issue with reversed credits in the Mirror World modifier; and a bug that caused characters to miss facial expressions when viewed from certain angles in photo mode. Other issues that the update fixes include new game plus weapon upgrades that didn’t spawn, as well as The Last of Us accessibility features related to navigation and the invisibility toggle.

Source: Naughty Dog, Reddit

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