Could The Yet-Untitled Survival Game Of Blizzard Be An FPS With Puzzles?!

Details about Blizzard’s unannounced survival game are scarce, but a new job posting sheds some light on the mysterious project.



In January 2022, developer giant Blizzard quietly announced the creation of a new IP, something it hasn’t done since Overwatch launched in 2014. Yet, more than six months after the official confirmation of the as-yet-unnamed title, very little is known about the project. However, Blizzard’s latest job postings suggest that the project, now known as the unannounced survival game, is slowly taking shape, with one job posting specifically looking for people with skills to develop FPS games.

Blizzard is currently looking for a Senior FPS Mission Designer for the development of the “Unannounced Survival Game”. The job advertisement highlights skills in creating “FPS Mission experiences”, “open-world gameplay”, and “gameplay puzzles”.

The advertisement was probably left vague on purpose, although it again confirms that the game will be some sort of open-world, multiplayer FPS experience.

The phrase “gameplay puzzles” may raise a few eyebrows, but it’s used in a way that’s hard to define. Blizzard’s “gameplay puzzles” don’t necessarily mean traditional Resident Evil-style puzzles for players to solve. It may refer to a more esoteric exercise in balancing and smoothing gameplay, and the complexity of gameplay is intended for a vast audience.

Having had a hand in everything from Diablo to Call of Duty, puzzles are not precisely Blizzard’s forte. However, this new title may take a drastically different approach to the developer’s current range of activities.

Moreover, with virtually no information on the project to go off of, it’s hard to imagine what Blizzard’s interpretation of an FPS survival title might look like. Such nebulous terms could be applied to anything from Destiny to The Forest. However, Blizzard’s penchant for big-budget, live-action titles would undoubtedly tend to push the Unannounced Survival Game towards the former.

A reinforced fantasy setting could evoke something like the Monster Hunter or Warcraft series without the RPG elements. However, it still doesn’t give a definitive idea of what direction Blizzard might be heading in.

With all this in mind, specific information about Blizzard’s upcoming FPS title will likely remain a secret for some time. Fortunately, the near future looks quite promising for the publisher. Both Overwatch 2 and Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is featured in the launch lineup for October 2022.


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