Is Naughty Dog Developing Another Post-Apocalyptic Game?!

A recent job posting suggests that Naughty Dog is working on another post-apocalyptic title (or continuing work on the Last of Us multiplayer game…)



A recent job advertisement suggests that Naughty Dog may be working on another post-apocalyptic game like The Last of Us, or they may need additional staff to continue developing their upcoming multiplayer game. With over 300 Game of the Year awards for The Last of Us Part 2, it’s no surprise that the AAA studio wants to continue this trend.

The Last of Us series is popular with gamers for its rich storytelling, with a new HBO series is coming soon.

The Last of Us series has been praised for its gameplay and grim post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The recent success of the Resident Evil remakes suggests that audiences are still hungry for post-apocalyptic style games.

According to the job posting, Naughty Dog clarifies that it is looking for a game artist who can create new in-game assets, either from scratch or from existing assets. While the artist sought will focus on clothing, the studio is also looking for someone who can create animals, props and other in-game items. The new designer must be able to collaborate with other production teams and create realistic, textured skin using shading techniques.

Naughty Dog also requires the designer to understand the game development process and be familiar with the entire creative process around game development. Although the new artist may be working on something entirely new, they may also be involved in Naughty Dog’s upcoming multiplayer game, The Last of Us.

As The Last of Us branches out into the world of high-end cable TV series, it makes sense that Naughty Dog would want to expand its portfolio of great stories and memorable characters.

While the job posting does not confirm a specific game or type of game, it does make it clear that the studio is working on something and is looking for talented game developers to join what is likely to be a large-scale project.

Considering the studio’s past penchant for storytelling, we can be sure that the game being made will be something that gamers will be looking forward to.

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