Fallout 76 Is Free To Play – Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fallout, Bethesda is opening the doors of Appalachia to players to try Fallout 76 for free.



Four years have passed since the disastrous release of Fallout 76. But through no small effort, the game has shed its reputation and become a fun multiplayer experience that recalls the best of the franchise. Now anyone can try it for free – albeit for a short time.

Despite the heavy backlash at launch, Bethesda has refused to give up on the multiplayer spin-off Fallout for the time being.

The game’s first turning point came with the release of Wastelanders. Fallout 76 Wastelanders introduced a proper main story to the multiplayer experience, with choices, factions and plenty of NPCs populating the radioactive ruins of Appalachia. Since then, the game has been steadily expanded to become a more than worthy member of the iconic Fallout franchise.

As part of Bethesda’s celebration of Fallout’s 25th anniversary, Fallout 76 will be available to play for free from October 4 to October 11.





This will allow players who have not yet purchased the title to try it out. And if the game appeals to you, you can get Fallout 76 (and the rest of the franchise) now at an astonishing 75% discount! There’s perhaps no better time to try out games than this anniversary week, especially for gamers who shunned the multi-spinoff at launch due to its controversial reputation.

Last month’s update to The Pitt is the latest content pack added to the game, introducing a new cooperative experience for players through Expeditions.

Set in post-nuclear war Pittsburgh, players can (optionally) group up and brave the blighted streets while undertaking side missions to make the most of their expedition. The rewards are substantial and far more generous than those introduced with daily missions, which nevertheless remain a mainstay of the game experience.

Source: Bethesda

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