Is Deathloop Set in the Dishonored Universe? The Lead Developer has Finally Revealed It!

Although there have already been many hints, Deathloop’s game director has finally confirmed that the game is part of the Dishonored universe.


Deathloop game director Dinga Bakaba confirmed that the game will take place in the Dishonored universe in the distant future after the Death of the Outsider DLC events. As many know, especially since Deathloop is now available for Xbox Series X/S, the game raises at least as many questions as it answers.

This revelation comes at an interesting time. Not only is Deathloop getting renewed attention due to the release of Xbox Game Pass and the new Golden Loop update, but many Arkane fans are also preparing to celebrate the Dishonored franchise. After all, Dishonored will be ten years old on October 9 (two days from now at the time of writing). Replaying the games would be a great way to celebrate said anniversary, but immersing yourself in Deathloop and looking for clues would also be a good way.

Either way, this reveal comes during Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson’s official Xbox podcast. During a later segment, Jeff Rubenstein asks Bakaba if the two games are connected, noting that throughout Deathloop there are hints that the game is connected to Dishonored, thanks to a hidden song and some other hints. Bakaba confirmed this outright, stating that Arkane envisions the events of Deathloop to take place long after the events of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is a standalone DLC, essentially a sequel to Dishonored 2, in which the Outsider is removed from the Void regardless of the player’s choice. The effects of this cannot be understated and can really only be imagined as it affects the chaotic nature of the Void, the magic of the world and so on. Removing the Outsider forever destabilizes that and the physical world, perhaps explaining much of the “magic” in Deathloop, such as the island being stuck in a time loop.

The Deathloop Golden Loop update also seems to hint at this, if less overtly. The extended ending doesn’t add much, but many of Blackreef’s residents seem to be regaining their memories, and the Outsider signs are noticeable in the new content. Of course, even though it strongly hinted at it, it could have been written off as an Easter egg. Bakaba’s confirmation is therefore a good sign for the future of the Dishonored universe, perhaps even for the possible continuation of Deathloop.

Deathloop is available now for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. You can read the test of the game here.

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