FIFA 23: Electronic Arts Made A Mistake In Its Predatory Game Mode

Thanks to a Hero Pack, Electronic Arts has taken millions of coins from the virtual market.


The most severe problem with Electronic Arts’ sports games (apart from F1… yet) is its exploitative, addictive mode called Ultimate Team, where people spend a lot of money on the best players, only to start from scratch when they switch to the next game the following year. Then last night, the publisher stumbled…

Around 7 pm last night, a Hero Pack was briefly available, which included a tradable FUT Hero item, and among those items was one worth millions of coins. It was selling for 25,000 coins. After about 25 minutes, Electronic Arts corrected the error. They withdrew the mass of coins from players because they panicked and sold their items, causing a considerable coin influx (in the stock market, this is called panic selling).

These FUT Hero items are rare player items in specific Ultimate Team packs. These cards have footballers who have made a solid contribution to a club or have become a fan favourite (e.g. former Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-Sung). The item’s rarity means that it is not cheap: for example, Yaya Toure can be bought for 1.9 million coins, and you can get that many coins from an external third-party seller for around £400. For a useless object outside the game, which will become obsolete within a year…

Electronic Arts released the pack due to a mistake, so quite a few of these items have been released to the market, reducing their value, and some have been reduced by a million coins (£200). The publisher has not yet commented, but the market has been damaged, not by a small amount. The loss of the coins is irreversible, but those who bought the pack may be lucky, as the package cannot be exchanged and, therefore, cannot be sold. In the past, when Electronic Arts sold a pack with a flawed description, they would usually compensate players with the original pack, who could get two FUT Hero cards for up to 25,000 coins.

None of it made any sense and had nothing to do with football. Did we mention that it is EA’s last FIFA game?

Source: VGC

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