Ice Cream Can Be Dangerous: Fanni Szilágyi’s First Feature Film Premieres at New York Festival

MOZI HÍREK – Ice cream can be dangerous, made in the Incubator Program of the Hungarian National Film Institute, will have its overseas premiere at the New York Film Week starting today. During the event, the general public in the entire United States can also watch the special production with Natasa Stork in the lead role online, which Mozinet will present in Hungarian cinemas in mid-November.


Every year, the New York Film Week awaits the audience with an international selection in which, in addition to established directors, first-time filmmakers can also present themselves. The organizers also take care of diversity, as their goal is to present as many aspects of the cinema experience as possible and draw attention to the community-forming power of film. This year, only 13 works will be presented in two categories – feature film and short film – and the retrospective program outside the competition can also see works that have been decisive until now.

Fanni Szilágyi elaborates the story of Adél, who works as a radiologist, and her identical twin, who lives in good financial circumstances, in her film, made in the National Film Institute’s first Incubator Program supporting filmmakers. Despite the external similarities, the two women see themselves and each other differently and both envy the other’s life. Ákos’ appearance on the stage brings an unexpected turn to their conflict-ridden relationship.

“Making a first film is full of compromises, but I don’t regret anything. We took a lot of risks and made things difficult for ourselves, but I think it was worth it. I have a lot of feelings, pain and joy in this film, so I can’t decide which is stronger in me: the fear that everyone will be able to see into my head, or the anticipation.” – declared director Fanni Szilági, who with her previous short films (The End of Adolescence, A Csatárnó’s Left Leg is Dangerous, Every Line, Orsi and Tienshinhan) has already proven that she can talk about difficult topics with surprising originality and sensitivity.

Starring Natasa Stork, Márton Patkós, Máté Szabó, Ágnes Csikász and Magdi Bódy, Veszélyes can be the ice cream producer Ági Pataki and Edina Kenesei, screenwriter Zsófi Lányi, director Fanni Szilágyi. The film was photographed by Gábor Szilágyi, edited by Zsófia Ördög, and composed by Csaba Kalotás.

Ice Cream Can Be Dangerous was produced by Partnerfilms and will be shown nationwide from November 17 in the distribution of Mozinet.

Source: Mozinet press material

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