Hideo Kojima Has Put An End To A Long-Running Rumour!

“This is not Silent Hill, and I’m not involved in Abandoned,” said Hideo Kojima while advising the controversial game’s director.



By now, few gamers haven’t heard of Abandoned. If you’re wondering why it’s linked to Silent Hill and the name of Hideo Kojima, here’s the story. The game gained massive popularity on Twitter early in development, thanks to posts dropping its connection to Konami’s survival horror saga. Users were quick to theorise about the possible involvement of the iconic Metal Gear creator. However, none of this came to fruition after what was believed to be misleading actions by the community.

“If you create something good and share it with everyone, we will know the truth” (Hideo Kojima).

Players have often linked the name of the project’s director, Hassan Kahraman, with Hideo Kojima. But the Japanese creator never commented on the game. However, he has now put an end to this silence. In the latest episode of the podcast “Hideo Kojima presents Brain Structure”, he talks to host Geoff Keighley about rumours, fake news and other issues concerning the specialist. As reported by Vida Extra, the conversation also touched on Abandoned.

“I never talked to Hassan. I don’t think there’s much he can do or say now, but if he releases the game, maybe people will understand. So maybe he should hurry up and launch it. Also, I am not involved in any way in this matter. I don’t know who started this rumour, but I think it’s based on users, wishes and hopes, so Hassan, I’m sure it wasn’t a simple thing.”

“But now that it’s been stirred up and gone viral, you should take advantage of that.”

“If you create something good and share it with the world, we’ll know the truth. I think that’s what you should do. This is not Silent Hill, and I’m not in it.”

So we can put to rest the theories that tie Abandoned to the Silent Hill saga and Hideo Kojima’s involvement. Sadly, this will surprise no one, as Hassan Kahraman’s team made some decisions that ultimately destroyed player interest in the mystery experience.

Source: Spotify, Vida Extra

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