Mass Effect: BioWare Made A Surprise Video For N7 Day! [VIDEO]

To mark this year’s N7 Day, BioWare has released footage from the upcoming Mass Effect game that could potentially hint at a vital story thread.



To mark N7 Day, Mass Effect developer BioWare has released new footage from the upcoming game. Since BioWare confirmed that they’re working on Mass Effect 4 (or whatever it’s called), they’ve released a handful of little teasers. They all suggest that the “destroyer” ending of Mass Effect 3 was canon; the Geth are gone, and so on. This is perhaps the most obscure teaser yet.

As many fans will know, N7 is the highest skill level of the federal military special forces – hence the idea of N7 Day, the Mass Effect celebration on the seventh of November.

Mass Effect fans are already tearing apart the footage below. The video focuses on some deep-space construction. It appears that the Milky Way (or part of it) is rebuilding the Mass Relay that was destroyed in Mass Effect 3. Some say a “Super Mass Relay” connects the Milky Way galaxy to Andromeda. BioWare has suggested that both the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies will be important in the new game, so that would make sense.

However, some potential references will make the viewer scratch their head. Many were quick to note that this Mass Relay reconstruction project is being done in the colours of Mass Effect Cerberus. Cerberus, in turn, serves as a human-friendly paramilitary group encountered in the franchise. If a philanthropic organization is leading the charge here, that may not be good. In addition, in the small text at the bottom, there is an apparent reference to SA or Systems Alliance. They represent humanity in Citadel Space. Cerberus’ collaboration with SA also raises interesting questions. For example, although this may be a Mass Relay, a ship captain goes by the name Soa’rhal Zhillian-Jones Sub-Navarch.

This may reference the Mass Relay’s observation station, but the captain’s name is certainly noteworthy, as it seems to follow the conventions for Quarian names in Mass Effect.

However, this raises the question of why a Quarian oversees a human-led space project. Also, why he has a hyphenated last name that could be derived from a human (Jones)? They may be collaborating, but it could also be that the dynamic has changed dramatically in the post-Reaper Milky Way. In any case, it’s exciting and piques one’s curiosity about the sequel.

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