According to Evil West Developer Xbox Series S Didn’t Hinder the Game

Contrarying to recent claims, the lead producer of Evil West developer Flying Wild Hog says that the Xbox Series S has not proven to be a hindrance.


An Evil West developer has hit back at claims that the Xbox Series S is hindering the current generation of consoles. Publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Flying Wild Hog recently announced what performance we could expect for Evil West on all platforms, drawing criticism given that the Xbox Series S and Xbox One have seemingly identical frame rates and resolutions.

There was a heated debate online when it was revealed that Gotham Knights would only run at 30fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Many people were disappointed by the console limit, and it even prompted developers to share their not-so-positive opinion of the Xbox Series S. Lee Denovald, a developer at Rocksteady, blamed the lower-spec console’s GPU, describing this generation as being “held back by this potato.” Denovald’s opinion was soon confirmed by indie developer Ian Maclure, who said that the developers consistently tried to “reduce the launch requirements of the Series S.”

In an interview with Germany’s Xbox Dynasty, Tomek Gop, senior producer of Flying Wild Hog, disputes the claim that the Xbox Series S is “an albatross around the neck of production”. When asked about any possible restrictions introduced by the Xbox Series S, Gop stated unequivocally, “No, why would there be?”. He went further, citing that there is no requirement that “the Series X version looks exactly like the Series S, so we’re not limited as developers.”

Gop also called the Xbox Series S a “great market product” and claimed to know many people who “use it as an all-in-one box for family entertainment.” The interviewee also inquired as to why the Xbox Series S version is capped at 30fps, which Gop explained by outlining that maintaining a stable 60fps was not achievable and choosing a smooth experience was deemed a better choice.

Definitive statements probably won’t allay concerns about the viability of the Xbox Series S, but Flying Wild Hog doesn’t seem to be bothered by that. With the recent release of Evil West, the marketing of the vampire-slaying action-adventure game has also picked up steam. Earlier this week, a trailer starring Danny Trejo was released aimed at certain microtransactions that Evil West does not feature. Furthermore, players can expect the main campaign of around 10-15 hours, which can be played solo or with a friend, as the co-op feature was confirmed earlier this month.

Evil West will be available on November 22 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: GameRant

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