Ninja Gaiden: New Game Is Rumoured To Be In The Works, But There’s An Exciting Twist!

A leaker claims that Team Ninja is not making the recently confirmed upcoming Ninja Gaiden game but by PlatinumGames.



The Ninja Gaiden rumour wave continues to swell, as we’ve reported on several times! A leaker claims that PlatinumGames will develop the upcoming game. Last week, Team Ninja, the developers of the latest Ninja Gaiden trilogy, hinted at a return. In light of this, it is astonishing that they are not behind the new project.

Team Ninja hinted that Ninja Gaiden would be back as part of a keynote at the G-Star conference in Korea.

Frequent XboxEra leaker Shpeshal_Nick recently shared what he’s heard about the situation on Twitter. In short, according to Shpeshal_Nick, he was told that “the studio signed on to make Ninja Gaiden is Platinum.” In other words, Shpeshal_Nick says that Koei Tecmo has signed a contract with PlatinumGames to develop a new Ninja Gaiden game. No further details about the project were shared.

The only additional context Shpeshal_Nick gave is that he has known about this for some time. In a previous tweet, he mentions that Team Ninja spoiled half of his “future rumour mills” by announcing a new Ninja Gaiden game. Of course, the other half of the news is that PlatinumGames is working on the project. This at least confirms that Team Ninja’s accidental announcement is the same game as Shpeshal_Nick’s Platinum project.

To say that this is an odd situation would be an understatement. While Team Ninja is not the new game’s developer, it is a subsidiary of Koei Tecmo. They may be aware that a new game is in the works. Especially since they made the last trilogy of the franchise. They may not have intended to announce a new game. But why they chose Platinum is a mystery. Perhaps Team Ninja is busy with action RPGs like Nioh. However, Platinum does have experience in modern action games.

When they might confirm this leak is not yet known.

Leaked information about the project has already been shared online. Further details about Platinum’s involvement could be revealed at any time. It may be years before additional information is shared. The new Ninja Gaiden game is probably still very much in the early stages of development. Platinum likes to take advantage of the time available to them. Nevertheless, this news will likely generate even more interest in the game.

Source: Twitter

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