EA Can’t Help But Apologise For The “Milkshake Brain” Comment

It didn’t help the image of EA when it called one of its commenters a “milkshake brain” on Twitter…



The official EA Twitter account for Need For Speed is pretty embarrassed. After insulting a fan who criticised the upcoming Need For Speed: Unbound, the account has posted an official apology. They promised to do better, presumably meaning they would never again compare anyone’s mental state to that of a milkshake.

The hassle that led to the apology occurred last Monday after a fan complained about an offer for Need For Speed: Unbound that gave 3-day early access to the game to those who pre-ordered it.

The NFS Twitter account responded in a less than appropriate manner, telling the fan to “cry about it bro or buy regular price idc,” before finally stating, “I’m not reading all that, sorry that happened to you or congratulations.”

Typically, these tweets now exist only as screenshots. Indeed, the offending posts on the NFS account were deleted at some point between the controversy and the apology. Probably for the best, but this being the internet, people backed up almost as soon as the tweets appeared.

It’s unknown whether the operator of the NFS Twitter page thought he was being endearingly cheeky or whether he just got fed up with serving up fan complaints and decided to go out in a blaze of glory.

Either way, it’s hard to imagine that encouraging a disgruntled potential customer to “cry, bro” could be an award-winning customer service strategy.

Need For Speed: Unbound will be released on Steam next week. Also, on the EA App (Origin) and Epic Games Store. The gameplay we’ve seen so far is okay. True, the handling is a bit arcade-like, which may not appeal to racing purists. The stylised, slightly cartoonish look is a minor problem. You can turn off the glitter effects if the style is too “animated” for you.

Source: Twitter

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