Twitter News: Musk’s Fresh Interns Are On The Run – Could A Famous Youtuber Be The New CEO?!

TECH NEWS – The Twitter scandal continues: a famous PS3 hacker hired by Musk as an intern can’t take it anymore – but not just anyone has applied to be CEO!



George Hotz, the once-famous PlayStation 3 hacker, has quit Twitter after just one month on the job. The programmer, also known as geohot, had previously agreed to a 12-week internship following mass layoffs at the company, hoping to put his skills to good use.

George Hotz, the prolific hacker, credited with jail-breaking iOS devices and hacking the PlayStation 3, was invited to Twitter before much of the recent controversy had even surfaced.

Hotz announced his resignation earlier this week on the social media platform, claiming he “didn’t think there was any real impact I could make there.” He added that “it was sad to see my GitHub withering” and decided to return to his previous coding efforts. The move came after Twitter created controversial rules regarding cross-promotion with competing for social networking sites. Musk was brought into developer discussions about Twitter’s codebase and monetisation opportunities and questioned about the issues that arose, which may have proved to be the last straw for Hotz.

Josh Sawyer, design director at studio Obsidian Entertainment and lead developer of the recently released Pentiment, tweeted a clip of Musk’s problematic behaviour. He went on to say that “it cannot be emphasised enough that this dude really has no idea what he’s doing.” Based on the critical acclaim for Pentiment, the Obsidian veteran certainly knows what he’s talking about.


Next Twitter CEO: MrBeast?!


After MrBeast asked in a tweet if he could be Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk gave an official answer. As the company moves closer and closer to potentially getting a new CEO, Musk hinted that it could possibly be the popular YouTube personality.

The past week has been full of new Twitter news. A few days ago, Elon Musk tweeted a poll asking for votes on whether he should step down as Twitter CEO. The result of the vote did not favour Musk. Users came out to vote him out of the position. Since then, he seems to have been actively looking for a successor.

Yesterday, popular YouTube personality MrBeast posted a tweet asking if he could be Twitter’s new CEO.

Musk later responded that it was “not out of the question” that MrBeast had a chance of winning the position. Musk has not yet officially resigned. However, he made it clear that he intends to resign as soon as he finds someone for the job. Based on this morning’s brief Twitter exchange, it could well be MrBeast.

If Musk is serious in his response to MrBeast, it would certainly be an exciting turn of events. One would think that MrBeast would be too busy breaking YouTube records and making his popular, big-budget videos. However, if MrBeast happens to be selected as Twitter’s CEO, it would be another huge milestone for the content creator. The coming days and weeks could prove critical. We’ll see how seriously Musk takes this potential offer. In the meantime, it remains a mystery who will replace Musk at the helm of the social networking site.

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