Steam Deck: Here Is The 3.4 Update For the Operating System

Thanks to this update, for example, The Witcher 3 no longer locks up on it, so anyone who wants to play as Geralt on the toilet can now do so.


A new version of KDE Plasma is now available in the new SteamOS update. It has also enhanced the desktop mode of the portable PC, and many excellent features have been carried over from the February, June, and October updates to Plasma. Users can use more swipe gestures on the touchscreen for more convenient functionality. From the edge of the screen, you can access the desktop grid, overview, open windows, or the desktop itself with a single swipe. You can also make the desktop accent color the same as the primary color of your wallpaper, which can be tricky when you’re actively using the picture of the day feature, as you’ll have a different tone every day.

There are widgets on the taskbar, which is nice because the customization of these is excellent under KDE Plasma. You can use the battery better, adjust the text size or add text to the icons. A couple of games have been fixed by Valve to cause glitches or crashes after resuming them from sleep mode, so Gabe Newell and his team have also upgraded that mode. The performance tweaks are essential because if you want to minimize latency (lag), you can even enable screen tearing (if you don’t mind the headaches that come with it because you can try to get used to it, your eyes won’t glaze over them).

If you’ve been playing Steam Deck with Nintendo Switch controllers, you’ve had the chance to do so for a few days now, as a hotfix lets you pair Pro Controllers or even the drift-prone Joy-Cons with the surprisingly successful device. (We wrote about Steam Deck that Valve isn’t planning any performance upgrades for a while, so the newer hardware won’t have the latest AMD technology, i.e., processor and graphics chip.)

So the Steam Deck will get frequent updates to its software, and we’ve only sketched a superficial summary of the new OS’s new features. On Steam, you can find a more extensive list of why SteamOS 3.4 is good.

Source: PCGamer

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