The Wrestler-Turned-Actor Was Distressed by the Millions He Made

MOVIE NEWS – Difficult childhood, financial problems, then a comet-like career in the entertainment industry, world news. A Hollywood story at its best. Dave Bautista was a former bouncer, then a bodybuilder, and soon became America’s favorite as a punk. He became a six-time world champion in the ring under the name Batista, and finally a movie came out. His life is the fulfillment of the American dream, at least at first glance. He’s successful, rich, but he’s still looking for himself. He rose to the heights at such a dizzying speed that he gasped for air for a long time.


“I was a super shy guy, I didn’t dare to make friends with girls – he told Men’s Health magazine about his struggling beginnings. “I didn’t even have money.” I was constantly burnt out, other people invited me for a drink, but sometimes they bought me food. Then, from one moment to the next, I had a ton of money, and the girls wanted to tear it apart, which I was not prepared for. So I made all the mistakes that are only in the collection of clichés.”

As he puts it, he bought “stupid stuff” like a washed-up peasant child: Lamborghinis, Mercedes, Bentleys. But that only made him feel even worse. “I could feel ashamed because I made all that money and most of it was spent on stupid things, while I didn’t buy my mother a house with it. I wasted my money, even though I could have spent it on a lot of good things. I could have helped others or done charity for animals. But I was miserable because I wanted to buy happiness at all costs.”

Since then, Bautista has already bought a house for his mother, doesn’t waste money on expensive cars, and has a serious life goal: he wants to be an actor who is recognized by the industry. Hollywood is full of pancrat-turned-movie stars, Bautista wants to be more than just one of them who is respected for his muscles and looks.

In the 2010s, his film career was gradually built, after the initial action movies Guardians of the Galaxy and His roles in the Avengers franchise proved that Bautista is determined to make his way into the elite club of A-list stars. Director M. Night Shyamalan could have noticed this, who entrusted him with one of the main roles in Knock at the Shack. In the apocalyptic psychological horror, Bautista‘s character, Leonard, attacks a family with his companions to force them to make a choice: they must sacrifice one of their own, or the world will end.

The former pancrat is presenting himself as a dramatic actor for the first time, and Shyamalan’s film may well be the breakthrough of his career. “The perfect choice for the perfect role, which is the perfect moment for him,” the director replied to’s question about how the actor, who mainly played comic book heroes, found his way into the hearts of the audience. – The other day I had dinner with my friends, who asked me: how is Dave Bautista, the pancrator? Pure madness! What was it like? As for me: he gives one of the best performances of the year in this film. They burst out laughing, but I cooled down: I’m dead serious, the guy is brilliant.”

(Knock at the Cabin – domestic premiere: February 2, 2003.)

Source: UIP Dunafilm

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