Judas: We Know When Ken Levine’s New Game Is Due!

BioShock creator Ken Levine’s new game, Judas, has been given a pretty wide release window.



BioShock fans have been waiting a decade to play the next game from franchise creator Ken Levine. It has now been revealed that Judas is due out sometime around March 2025 at the latest. Ken Levine hasn’t released a new game since 2013’s critically acclaimed BioShock Infinite. But at The Game Awards 2022, he finally revealed that his new project would be a BioShock-style sci-fi first-person shooter.

The reveal trailer for Judas was impressive, showcasing BioShock-style gameplay with cutting-edge graphics.

Judas may not be a new BioShock game, but it seems to carry that style forward. Unfortunately, Judas does not have an exact release date at the time of writing. But fans now know roughly when to expect it.

Speaking to IGN, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick confirmed that Judas is one of 87 games the company plans to release between the current fiscal year and fiscal year 2025. That means the title will be available by March 2025 unless the release date slips. However, Zelnick told IGN that he believes it will be ready in time. Of course, Zelnick admitted that delays to the release date can always happen. But he added: “We feel really stable right now. […] I’m optimistic about delivering great titles to the marketplace on an ongoing basis.”

Whenever Judas is released, we have to imagine that Take-Two will make sure that the game doesn’t coincide with other big releases that are on the horizon.

Take-Two will probably not want to overshadow any of its upcoming games. A title this big is unlikely to be timed to coincide with the release date of Grand Theft Auto 6. In particular, they may ensure that Judas’s release date is nowhere near BioShock 4.

Assuming BioShock 4 will be similar to the previous games, it will probably have much in common with Levine’s new brainchild. Such close releases of two games with similar styles could affect each other’s sales, which would not be good for either game. However, as Judas has indeed received a revealing trailer, it will likely be released well before BioShock 4. The latter has not yet been shown to the public in any form.

Source: IGN

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