Sony Could Produce Wireless Earbuds For The PS5?!

TECH NEWS – According to a recent rumour, Sony may be developing a new range of wireless headphones for the PS5, which is supposed to be released next year.



It really looks like Sony could be developing wireless earbuds for the PS5. These are predicted to be released sometime next year. The company’s latest potential product for the PS5 would allow gamers to immerse themselves in their games conveniently.

Wireless earbuds are becoming increasingly popular as a portable and flexible way for users to listen to games and music.

Products such as Apple AirPods have gained universal popularity due to their easy accessibility and portability of audio devices. Several gaming companies have also tried to get in on the wireless headphone craze, for example, with the development of Razer noise-cancelling headphones.

According to Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson, Sony is reportedly working on a pair of wireless earbuds for the PS5. The earbuds, codenamed ‘Project Nomad’, would have roughly five hours of battery life. This is similar to Apple’s AirPods. According to leaked information, the company’s new earbuds will be released sometime during the fiscal year 2023, between April 2023 and March 2024. Sony has so far made no official announcement about the new audio peripherals for the PS5.

The wireless headphones for PS5 would reportedly not be the only ones coming. Henderson revealed that a new headset is also in development by Sony. Dubbed the ‘Voyager’, the headset would reportedly work similarly to the company’s existing INZONE headset and be launched at the same time as the headset. The latest leaks come after Insider Gaming previously reported that a new model revision was coming to the PS5. This will feature a removable disc drive. There are currently only two main models of PS5 available to buy. These range from the standard version to the ‘Digital Edition’ without a disc drive.

Rumours of a new headset for the PS5 come as peripherals have been a focus of Sony’s development in recent months.

The company unveiled the first significant redesign of the PS5’s controller late last month. The DualSense Edge includes customisable parts and settings. The developer also revealed a controller called ‘Project Leonardo’ earlier this year, uniquely designed for gamers with disabilities. The wireless earbuds fit neatly into the company’s peripheral development line to improve gamers’ experience on PlayStation consoles.

Source: Insider Gaming

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