PlayStation Plus: Double Discount For A Limited Time On PS Store!

This year’s double discount promotion has just launched on PlayStation Store in an already strong month for PlayStation Plus subscribers.



Sony has launched this year’s Double Discount Sale on PlayStation Store for all users, whether you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber or not. While it’s an exciting time for anyone who owns a PlayStation, subscribers to any level of PS Plus, have even more reason to rejoice. That’s because membership doubles the discount percentage on all available games.

The timing of this year’s double-discount promotion coincides with the launch of another PS Plus Festival of Play event, which offers PS Plus subscribers even more discounts and trial opportunities, as well as free access to online games for non-participants and the chance to enter competitions.

The titles highlighted in the promotion are Gotham Knights, FIFA 23 and The Witcher 3. Alongside these more significant titles are some highly-rated games that perhaps fewer people know about. Among them is the platform game Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series, a remake of two games in the Klonoa series. And last year’s Norco, an excellent sci-fi point-and-click adventure game. Players have until March 1 to get these games at a discounted price.

March is typically a month to watch out for when it comes to the service’s offerings. By launching the Double Discounts Sale and PS Festival of Play at roughly the same time, Sony is reinforcing the idea that February will continue to be a strong month for PS Plus for years to come.

Another thought is that if this March remains a strong month for subscribers, there is a possibility that Sony will try to make the first quarter of the year exciting for PlayStation users.

The excellent February additions to the PS Plus Extra and Premium libraries contribute to this idea. The classic RPG The Legend of Dragoon and last year’s Horizon Forbidden West are among them. The latter was one of the biggest exclusive titles Sony released in 2022. There’s still the possibility that we can chalk all of this up to a fantastic coincidence. However, given that the Double Discounts Sale also started in February this year, it’s harder to think this isn’t part of a well-orchestrated plan.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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