Final Fantasy XVI: Game Development In The Finish, But Bad News Came For PC Fans!

Fans who have not yet invested in a PlayStation 5 will have to wait a long time for a possible Final Fantasy XVI PC port.



Final Fantasy XVI will not be available on PC immediately after the PlayStation 5’s six-month exclusivity period expires. When Square Enix first announced the game, many people mistakenly believed that the highly anticipated JRPG would be available for both PC and PS5. It was later clarified that FF XVI would be a pure PS5 exclusive at launch. But a possible PC port was not completely ruled out.

As with many other third-party games released as PS5 exclusives, Final Fantasy XVI will have the potential to be released on other platforms over time.

The agreement between Sony and Square Enix means that the game will be PS5-exclusive for at least six months after release. It is scheduled to be released on 22 June, so the earliest it could be released on other platforms would be sometime after 22 December. Square Enix would be very unusual to launch a significant release like Final Fantasy XVI on different platforms at the end of December. So this means that fans can expect it to be released elsewhere in 2024 at the earliest.

Producer Naoki Yoshida recently explained the exclusivity situation for the game in more detail. Yoshida made it clear that a possible Final Fantasy XVI PC port will not be released this year. According to Yoshida, the reason for this is that the development team has focused on optimizing the PS5 version. Their goal was to ensure that it would reach its full potential. “We’d like to release a PC version at some point,” Yoshida added, but fans shouldn’t expect it to arrive soon after the PS5 release.

Those waiting for versions of the game to be released on other platforms will have to wait until 2024, and hopefully, they can avoid spoilers to Final Fantasy XVI’s storyline until then.

Square Enix itself has already revealed plenty of details about the game’s characters and the conflicts they’ll be involved in. The game will take the series back to its high fantasy roots. It also embraces the more action-oriented style of the series’ recent releases. Only time will tell if this pays off. Fans can find out for themselves, but sadly only on PS5 for now.

Source: IGN

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