Servant – A Psychological Thriller Full of Mystery, Spiced with Wry Shyamalan Humour

SERIES REVIEW – One of the most popular series on Apple TV Plus’ streaming service, Servant takes viewers on a mystery and psychological thriller. The project, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, follows the lives of a young couple who hire a mysterious nanny for their newborn child. As the backstory of Leanne (Nell Tiger Free), who joins the service, unfolds, the series builds in mystery, suspense and drama. The veil of horror and mystery that has spanned four seasons has finally been lifted with the final season… We’ve just posted our review of the entire Apple TV Plus series.



Servant begins in the lives of Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and Sean Turner (Toby Kebbell), who live in Philadelphia and lose their newborn child, Jericho, in a tragic event. After the loss of the baby, Dorothy faces psychological problems and is unable to face reality. Instead of a doll, a “therapy doll” – a life-like doll – becomes the child’s surrogate. When Leanne Grayson (Nell Tiger Free) enters the picture as the child’s nanny, things quickly become complicated. The series focuses mainly on exploring the tensions between the characters and the mysterious events surrounding Leanne.



Charming performances and memorable characters


The acting in the series is of a high standard. Lauren Ambrose is excellent as Dorothy, a desperate mother unable to come to terms with the loss of her child. Toby Kebbell is also convincing as the suspicious and worried husband trying to find out what is behind Leanne’s presence. And Nell Tiger Free is charming and unsettlingly enigmatic as the mysterious Leanne.

The strengths of Servant include the portrayal of relationship dynamics and dramatic tension. The series details how Dorothy and Sean’s marriage is defined by the loss of their child, and how Leanne’s presence changes the functioning of the family unit. The complex nature of the relationship, with mistrust and secrets, heightens the tension. The series presents various conflicts between characters that further complicate the story and keep viewers interested.



Mystical, unique atmosphere


Serving as a slow-burning thriller, it builds effectively with a strong emphasis on visual style and atmosphere. The dark and oppressive mood of the series is well suited to the mystical and mysterious nature of the story. The home environment in which the plot takes place is closed and claustrophobic, which adds to the tension between the characters and the viewer’s anxiety.

The mysterious and mystical elements of the series contribute to the unique atmosphere and style of Servant. The inclusion of spiritual and supernatural phenomena adds an interesting direction to the series and raises further questions for viewers. By increasing the tension and mystery, these elements continue to engage the audience.



It could serve you better sometimes…


However, Servant is unfortunately far from flawless. At times the series is too slow-paced, which tests the patience of the viewer. In addition, the constant introduction of mysteries and secrets can become a little exhausting over time, and viewers may long for some concrete answers or resolution.

Servant is an interesting and exciting psychological thriller that takes the audience into a world of mystery and suspense. The series’ strengths include high quality performances, complex relationship dynamics between the characters and a dark, oppressive atmosphere. Although at times the slow pace and the mysteries that constantly arise can be exhausting, the series manages to keep viewers interested by incorporating mystical and spiritual elements.

Servant is therefore an ideal choice for those who like psychological thrillers, mysteries and supernatural events. The series is also worth watching for the twists and turns in M. Night Shyamalan’s style, the excellent acting and the visual elements used to heighten the tension.

The success of the Apple TV Plus series among viewers and critics alike shows that Servant can hold its own in the competition between streaming services. The series has expanded with additional seasons that promise more mystery and twists for viewers as the story of the Turner family and Leanne continues.



It also focuses on deeper issues


Overall, Servant is a memorable and exciting series that manages to grab and hold the viewers’ attention. Despite having a few flaws, the series’ strengths – such as the acting, the inter-character dynamics and the visual style – outweigh the weaknesses. If you like mystical, psychological thrillers, Servant may be worth a watch.

However, Servant does not only focus on the exciting storyline and characters, but also raises deeper questions for the viewer. The series touches on themes such as faith, fate, sin and forgiveness, which will make viewers reflect on their own values and worldview. The series does this by pushing genre boundaries and exploring the motivations of its characters, making Servant not only entertaining but also thought-provoking.



A special atmosphere: Shyamalan par excellence!


In the series, music and sound effects also play a big role in creating atmosphere and heightening tension. The soundtrack and sound design work together to capture the viewer’s attention and enhance the supernatural and mystical elements of the series. In doing so, they contribute to the unique style and atmosphere of the series.

Finally, Servant is a series that is able to differentiate itself from other shows on streaming platforms. The excellent acting, suspenseful storytelling, visual style and complex themes and issues combine to make this series memorable and worth watching. Servant is an ideal choice for those who love mystery and psychological thrillers and are ready for a series that can constantly surprise and challenge the viewer.



Direction - 9.2
Actors - 8.4
Story - 9.2
Visuals/Music/Sounds/Action - 8.2
Ambience - 9.1



Servant is a gripping, mysterious psychological thriller that captivates the viewer with stunning direction, strong performances and an intriguing story. The atmosphere and style of the series provide a unique experience, able to make the viewer reflect on issues of faith, fate and forgiveness - while also offering Shyamalan's trademark wry, grotesque humour.

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