Google: CEO Still Earning A Lot Despite Mass Layoffs!

TECH NEWS – While Google is laying off 12,000 people, its CEO is making a huge salary, not just in average, but also in median terms!


Before explaining what Reuters wrote about, let’s define the concept of the median. It is a different statistic from the average because it is not the sum of everyone’s salary divided by the number of employees. This sum means that the same number of people earn both less and more, so there is no distortion of the average by the salary of a top executive.

But we have already written about how Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon have all made cuts, and the belt has had to be tightened around Apple, too. The case of Google is also a double whammy because the CEO of its parent company, Alphabet, Sundar Pichai, takes home 800 times the median salary. So what he earns could feed 800 employees. How much are we talking about? Oh, about $230 million.

Pichai said on January 20 that Google was unfortunately affected by the economic situation, while he had received so much compensation that he could have offered half of it to help alleviate the problem because he could have kept a few hundred (or even several thousand…) employees if he had thought for a moment to cut himself a slightly smaller slice of the cake. In the meantime, Apple CEO Tim Cook has already openly committed to a 40% pay cut (which is still a lot, but it’s a world away from Pichai’s 0% reduction).

In the cuts, Google has stopped handing out MacBooks to new employees within the company. Instead, they are being replaced with the much cheaper and inferior Chromebook for non-engineering team members. Purchases of office items (e.g., staplers, new hardware) are restricted unless management gives detailed instructions. There is a solution since a fraction of the $230 million salary would be spent on equipment…

Source: WCCFTech

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