Has Sony Cancelled A Sci-Fi Shooter?

Sony has reportedly killed off an unannounced game, so we may never hear about it unless the developers show us what they’ve been working on…


Sony Interactive Entertainment has reportedly canceled a sci-fi shooter for PlayStation 5 and PC that hadn’t even been announced. It had been in development at Final Strike Games for three years (so they started work in 2020) and was supposed to be released in 2025 (which seems like a long development time despite the pandemic). The rumors were created by a user called Timur222, who a recently-fired developer from the studio allegedly contacted. If what he says is true, Final Strike Games has reduced its staff by 40%.

It might be legitimate, as several employees have reported on LinkedIn that they were recently laid off from the studio. On its website, Final Strike Games claims to be working on an unannounced AAA PvP shooter for consoles and PC. Last year, it was rumored to develop with another studio, Deviation Games, which is making a console-exclusive new IP for PlayStation 5. Eric Hewitt, one of the developers of Final Strike, tweeted last October that he had just finished his first week on the team and had met some incredibly passionate people over the five days and had met the Deviation Games team as part of the launch.

Sony probably won’t say anything about it publicly and may only spill anything if the PixelOpus story is repeated, but there, the studio will be closed, and that’s what Sony announced about the team that made Concrete Genie a month before they got Game Over. (We recently wrote that PixelOpus’ closure saddened former Sony executive Shawn Layden.) Sony is not in as strong a financial position as Microsoft, so it may be forced to take such drastic steps more often.

Source: PSL

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