Lords Of The Fallen: Release Date And Gameplay [VIDEO]

The gaming industry is so lacking in creativity that the second installment of the franchise, which has gone through several reboots, has the same title to the letter…


CI Games (formerly City Interactive) and Hexworks have announced that Lords of the Fallen is coming this fall. Hexworks executive producer Saul Gascon said in a press release, “We are thrilled to announce the release date for Lords of the Fallen, a game our talented team has been lovingly crafting for the last few years. To celebrate, we are sharing a deeper look at the horrors of Mournstead, an immersive, dark fantasy world that will challenge even the bravest players with its unique two-realm mechanic. We can’t wait for players to raise their Umbral Lamps this October and discover the many secrets behind the darkness.”

The base edition of the game will be $70 (so the previously budget PC publisher has also raised the price). The Deluxe edition will be available digitally and on disc. It will include the Dark Crusader as a playable character (Isaac’s longsword, throwing knives, amulet, full armor), a 100-page digital art book, the digital soundtrack (with compositions by Cris Velasco and Avenstroup Haugen), and a 3D model viewer. The $80 collector’s edition will only be available on disc. In addition to what you get so far, you get a 10″ (~25.4 cm) Dark Crusader figure, a metal case to put it in with LED lighting, a steel book, a double-sided poster, art cards, and the art book physical instead of digital. The pre-order bonuses are exclusive bronze, silver, and gold armor tincts, 3x XP items, 5x HP items, and 5x MP items.

The Steam page says, “Lords of the Fallen introduces an all-new, epic RPG adventure in a vast, interconnected world more than five times larger than the original game. After an age of the cruelest tyranny, the demon God, Adyr, was finally defeated. But Gods… do not fall forever. Now, eons later, Adyr’s resurrection draws nigh. As one of the fabled Dark Crusaders, journey through the realms of the living and the dead in this expansive RPG experience, featuring colossal boss battles, fast, challenging combat, thrilling character encounters, and deep, immersive storytelling. Will your legend be one of light… or one of darkness? Dare to Hope.

Journey across two expansive, parallel worlds in your epic quest to overthrow Adyr. While the living realm presents its brutal challenges, untold terrors lurk in the nightmarish realm of the dead. Fully customize your character’s appearance from various visual options before selecting one of nine character classes. Whichever starting path you take, develop your character to your playstyle by upgrading stats, weapons, armor, and spells. Only those that master the deep, tactical combat can hope to survive. Choose from 100s of uniquely brutal weapons, or forgo metal for magic with devastating arcane attacks.

Experience the expansive, single-player campaign alone, or invite a second player to join your adventure in uninterrupted, online co-op. But be warned – Heroes from other realms can and will invade. Your lantern possesses the ungodly power to cross between worlds. Use this dark art to reach forgotten places, unearth fabled treasures, and even manipulate the very soul of your foe. Fall in the world of the living, and rise again… in the world of the dead. You now have one final chance to return to your living state as all manner of hellish creature descends upon you.”

Lords of the Fallen will be released on October 13 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC (Steam).

Source: Gematsu

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