[PSSC-2023] PlayStation Finally Announces New Handheld Console, But It’s Not What We Expected… [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – PlayStation officially unveiled its latest handheld gaming device during yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase, but with one crucial caveat.



Sony finally confirmed during the live stream of the PlayStation Showcase that it is working on a new handheld PS device. But it may not be what gamers were expecting. The last Showcase featured a mix of triple-A blockbusters and smaller indie titles. And much of the post-show chatter revolved around things like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and the recently confirmed remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

With all the major games in PlayStation’s current games line-up, not many people were expecting Sony’s latest handheld console, which was first leaked back in April.

Sources claimed it was the device, which was tentatively titled Q Lite. It doesn’t seem to be aiming to compete with dedicated portable gaming platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck and the various competitors that are popping up in their wake. Instead, it was said to be a PlayStation Remote Play device focusing on streaming games.

The new PlayStation handheld was revealed in full towards the end of the event. It’s safe to say that many rumours that it would be limited to streaming only have been confirmed. Jim Ryan himself unveiled the device, which now has the working title ‘Project Q’. He stated that Project Q would indeed only allow streaming of games from PlayStation 5 via Remote Play. Games played on it will have to be installed on the PS5. On the plus side, Project Q will have all the buttons of the PS5’s DualSense controller alongside an 8-inch HD display.

Project Q wasn’t the only new PlayStation hardware to be unveiled during today’s PlayStation Showcase livestream, with Jim Ryan also revealing the first official PlayStation-branded gaming headset.

These headphones can connect to PS5 consoles, PCs or even smartphones via Bluetooth. Ryan said the headphones provide low-latency, lossless sound. This results in high sound quality during gaming.

Even though Sony’s PS Portable and Vita did not match the commercial success of Nintendo’s legendary handheld console, gamers of the late 2000s still remember them fondly. But fans may be disappointed if they were expecting a similar device from the newly announced Project Q. Jim Ryan has confirmed that this will be a support tool for PS 5 rather than an accurate standalone gaming system. Sony promises more details on the new Project Q handheld in the coming months.

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