PlayStation Plus Essential: What Titles Can We Launch Summer 2023 With?

Sony has announced on time which games all PlayStation Plus subscribers can add to their catalog, which will remain available as long as their subscription is valid.


This time, we’re not going to start in the usual way, as we’re currently (at least when we began to compile what we had to say at 16:38) not seeing any activity on Twitter from Billbil-kun, who has been leaking which games subscribers can access with impeccable accuracy for over a year. Either Sony has prevented the leak, or last-minute decisions are being made about the list.

The first title could be called a gambling game because, like Electronic Arts’ Ultimate Team, Take-Two’s (2K) MyTeam mode could be called a game of chance, and since it’s in NBA 2K23 (for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4), it’s a little disappointing that it’s the main title for the month. The second game can also be described as a somewhat niche game, Jurassic World Evolution 2 (also on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4): if you don’t want to deal with dinosaurs, you won’t even look at the game. The third game, however, is somewhat fair: Trek to Yomi (again for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4) is not bad, but the style inspired by Japanese samurai films is not for everyone. So you have a sports game (it could be decent for North Americans, but there’s not as much interest in the NBA in Europe), a tycoon game (which is what you get with the Jurassic World title), and an action-adventure in black and white.

Until then, don’t forget that the May games will remain available until the fifth of June. To remind you, here are the games in question: Grid Legends (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), Chivalry II (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), and Descenders (PlayStation 4).

We said earlier in the day that the first Xbox Game Pass update in June was not particularly strong (and we haven’t followed Games For Gold for a long time…), and we might say the same about Sony, who could have spent a bit more on the games.

Source: PS Blog

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