A Thief Fan Film… Made By One Of The Game’s Creators!? [VIDEO]

So can it even be called a fan project? Hmm… let’s call it semi-official!


The intro of the first Thief game, Thief: The Dark Project, did a great job of outlining the style and feel of the game, as it alternated between Garrett’s heist and supernatural visuals while giving the feeling that he was being watched. It also serves as a tutorial, as it shows how NOT to play the game: Garrett kills a guard, and after that, three others show up, and he has to escape before it’s too late.

Thief – Cutscene Zero is a short film by Daniel Thron. So the person behind the new presentation of The City is the person who initially directed the scenes in the game! In addition to the art and animation, he was also responsible for the box art, manual illustrations, and particle effects. He voiced Brother Renault, Ramirez, Cutty, ApeBeast, The Eye, and even some guards. Garrett messes up here, too, and Thron joked about it on Twitter when he wrote, “I guarantee you he’s loading his last save right after this.”

The fantasy-noir style is nicely realized, and the unsuspecting guard sees the reflection as he looks out into the rain. The narration is done by the same Terri Brosuis, who was Victoria’s voice in the game in the game. She was also a designer, cutscene writer, and the voice of Shodan in System Shock. There was also a third person from Looking Glass, the game’s development team. The painting at 0:30 was created by Jennifer Hrabota-Lesser, who worked as an artist on Thief: The Dark Project.

The first part of Thief could do with a remake. The game’s publisher was Eidos, which merged with Square Enix in 2009. Still, since the 2014 reboot was done by Eidos Montréal, we’re pretty sure that when the Japanese publisher sold Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montréal with their IP to Embracer Group for pennies on the dollar last year, Thief was part of the package…

Source: PCGamer

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