The Witcher Season 3: The Worst-Reviewed Season Ever – What Future Awaits The Protagonists?

MOVIE NEWS – The Witcher season 3 ratings and ratings seem to be plummeting, while you can’t quite decide what you want to do with the principal characters… (WARNING, spoilers in the article!)



The Witcher season 3 Rotten Tomatoes ratings for The Witcher have fallen to another series low. The first part of the season, which consisted of the first five episodes and premiered on Netflix on June 29, received a series-low 49 per cent viewership score on Rotten Tomatoes. The second part of the season, comprising the final three episodes, premiered on July 27. It was Henry Cavill’s final episode as Geralt before being replaced by Liam Hemsworth in Season 4.

Now, just days after the release of the second episode, The Witcher season 3’s Rotten Tomatoes ratings have plummeted to another historic low.

At the time of writing, the series’ Rotten Tomatoes rating stands at 22 per cent. If it’s any consolation, the critics’ score for Season 3 is 77 per cent.

Season 3’s poor ratings are primarily attributed to Cavill’s departure. This is a huge factor, but it is not the whole story. Season 2’s Rotten Tomatoes viewership score took its first steep plunge to 56 per cent. This means that audiences were already turning away from the series long before Cavill’s departure was announced. The series’ continued deviation from its source material, Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series, is another enormous problem viewers are experiencing with The Witcher season 3. It is also allegedly the reason why Cavill decided to leave.

Based on audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, fans feel that season 3 has drastically decreased the commitment to character development and world-building compared to previous seasons. In their case, adverse reactions to the new season are coming from several directions. (In addition to disappointment over Cavill’s departure.) The series has fallen to a low point in the eyes of the audience. With Cavill being replaced by Hemsworth in season 4, it is unclear if he will ever be able to return to his former glory.


The fate of Ciri and Geralt – this has nothing to do with the books


Season 3 of The Witcher continued to explore the relationship between Geralt and Ciri, who were brought together at the end of Season 2. Geralt and Yennefer essentially formed a family to protect and train Ciri. However, at the end of season 3, Ciri is separated from Geralt and Yennefer, setting a very dark path for the Lioness of Cintra.



MOZI HÍREK - A The Witcher harmadik évada már javában készül, Yennefer, Ciri és Riviai Geralt újra egy családként egyesül. Henry Cavill



Ciri murders a man at the end of episode 8 of The Witcher season 3. It was the first time Ciri had done this in a Netflix series. It was an essential moment in the character’s journey. In episode 6 of season 3, Ciri had the opportunity to kill Cahir but chose not to. In the same episode, the series went off-book, and Geralt killed Rience instead. Both moments set the stage for Ciri to decide to murder someone finally. This happened in the season 3 finale. Ciri now joins the Rats, who, according to the books, have no problem killing.

It may sound contradictory, but it was Geralt who asked Ciri to think twice before taking a life.

The White Wolf knew exactly what it meant to kill someone. That you would never be the same afterwards. Geralt warned Ciri twice about the consequences of killing. Probably in the hope that she would never be like him. But by choosing to kill a man in battle, Ciri became even more like Geralt. Ciri’s first murder was to change the course of her story. Especially after what she experienced on her journey through the deserts of Korath.


This The Witcher is no longer the series Cavill signed on for


Ciri now sets off with the Rats, away from the people who have become her family over the past two seasons. In Season 4, Ciri will probably be away from Geralt and Yennefert quite a bit. This means that their reunion could be one of the most emotional and important moments of the series. In addition, Geralt’s reaction to how different Ciri will be by the time they meet again, especially after he tries to stop her from becoming a murderer, could be a critical moment in the story.

While these moments can and probably will happen, they will not star Henry Cavill’s Geralt.

In fact, The Witcher has only begun exploring this father-daughter dynamic between Geralt and Ciri. After all, they were essentially strangers in season two. In season 4, Henry Cavill’s departure means that viewers will have to re-introduce the dynamic between Ciri and Geralt every time they meet again, which can be disappointing.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes, Vulture

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