The theory that Taylor Swift is the new J.K. Rowling

MOVIE NEWS – A few weeks ago, the theory appeared that the story of the action comedy called Argylle, the super spy was written by Taylor Swift under the pseudonym Elly Conway.


The mysterious writer – there is no more information about her than two sentences anywhere – according to the news, she is writing a series of novels hiding behind a pseudonym, so far the film by Matthew Vaughn has been born from the first volume. In fact, several things are suspicious about the film, for example, the fact that the producer Apple paid 200 million dollars for Argylle, the superhero. Granted, it’s probably a franchise, and Vaughn is a very well-known director (Ha/Ver, Kingsman franchises), but it’s strange that a future series of novels by an unknown author is being bought pretty much blindly. Of course, you have to dare to dream big, because in one of Vaughn’s interviews, he jokingly dared to say that Argylle will be the new Harry Potter.

Of course, Swift fans are not fighting in vain, they think they will discover a lot of connections between the singer and Argylle. For example, the four-legged hero of the film is Chip, the floppy-eared Scottish cat, and Swift also has such pets, which she also mentions in her songs. Another proof would be that the heroine of the Argylle writer (Bryce Dallas Howard) has red hair, while Swift also wears a red wig in one of her music videos, and on her current concert tour, she prepared for the performance in a t-shirt with the inscription Conway Studios . In addition, Swift really turned her head to writing: her script was accepted by Searchlight Pictures, and she will also direct it, just as she has already written her last couple of music videos in this capacity.

In Argylle, the super spy, Henry Cavill is the title character, and the blonde femme fatale is Dua Lipa strong>pop star who is also said to be surprisingly good as an actress.

(Argylle – domestic release: February 1, 2024)

Source: UIP

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