Could Geralt Return In The Witcher 4 After All?!

The Witcher 4 game director Sebastian Kalemb has hinted that Geralt of Rivia may return in CD Projekt RED’s new RPG trilogy.



Geralt of Rivia may return in The Witcher 4, at least according to game director Sebastian Kalemb. CD Projekt RED is currently working on no less than six new projects. Three of these are related to the highly successful The Witcher franchise. In addition to a Witcher multiplayer spin-off and a modern remake of the original Witcher game, CDPR is also working on a brand new mainline instalment. The latter was announced last year under the working title “Project Polaris”.

Very little is officially known about this new Witcher title, except that it will mark the beginning of a new trilogy of games, and as part of a new partnership with Epic Games, it will be made in Unreal Engine 5 instead of CD Projekt RED’s proprietary REDengine.

CDPR has hesitated whether Polaris and the two planned sequels will be direct sequels to the original Witcher trilogy or the start of an entirely new story. The developer stated that although the game is called The Witcher 4 in the promotional materials, there will be no number in the title of the finished product.

The other big question that fans are asking is whether Geralt, the gruff but noble monster hunter that fans controlled in CDPR’s first three Witcher RPGs, will return in some form. In a recent interview with Lega Nerd (translated by Insider Gaming), The Witcher 4 game director Sebastian Kalemb seemingly hinted that the White Wolf could very well make an appearance in the next game. But he did not specify whether Geralt would be the main character again or whether he would only return as a supporting character.

According to Kalemb, his team aims to make The Witcher 4 a great starting point for a new community of players while also keeping in mind the legions of fans who have played through Geralt’s previous three adventures.

There was a lot of debate about whether Geralt should return. After all, he apparently retired from monster hunting at the end of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Many suspect that The Witcher 4 and its sequels will focus on a new character.

Even Sebastian Kalemb admits that the next title won’t be released for at least a few more years. So fans probably won’t get confirmation of Geralt’s return for quite some time…

Source: Insider Gaming

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