PlayStation Plus: Is This Highly Acclaimed Game Coming To The Service In December?!

According to a rumour, the PlayStation Plus Extra game offer in December 2023 may be expanded with serious titles, which has given rise to speculation among gamers…



There are speculations that Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin may come to PlayStation Plus Extra in December! According to a previous leak, Stranger of Paradise would have been added to PS Plus Extra in November, but the game ended up not being added to the list. However, a new leak suggests that this addition could happen in December.

PlayStation Plus subscribers enjoy many benefits, including online multiplayer, free monthly games and exclusive discounts.

Sony regularly updates the list of free games. Titles come and go every month. The PS Stars Plus campaign introduced a novel system. This allows players to use their gaming skills to acquire digital collections. Also, earn rewards and showcase your achievements in a digital showcase on the PlayStation App. The system’s primary purpose is to collect points that can be redeemed for free games and PS Store credits.

A Reddit user named Luis_FFgamer posted an image showing that the psychological RPG Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was featured in the December PS Stars Plus campaign. This could indicate that the game might be included in December’s PS Plus Extra free games offer. The post sparked speculation about the authenticity of the leak. Some players have found no other explanation for including the game in the PS Stars Plus campaign. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was released in 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It was later released for PC on Steam. The game offers a hardcore action RPG experience that mixes the worlds of Square Enix and Team NINJA (Koei Tecmo Games).

In the title, players will face intense battles, customize parties with different jobs and weapons, and explore locations inspired by iconic entries in the Final Fantasy series.

Fellow gamers expressed mixed feelings about Luis_FFgamer’s post. Some praise the game’s improvement over time. They stress that it’s worth it for those who like challenging, Soulslike, Final Fantasy-like experiences. Others recall criticisms of the game’s story. They are citing alleged incoherent connections to the overarching Final Fantasy narrative.

The prospect of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin joining the PlayStation Plus lineup in December has piqued subscribers’ curiosity. However, official confirmation is still awaited. We do not yet know whether the leaked information has any truth or is just an exciting rumour. But the prospect of this hardcore action RPG being added to free-to-play might make it even more exciting for PS Plus subscribers.

Source: Reddit

Stranger of paradise confirmed on extra for December ? (from ps Stars plus campain)
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